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Setup and Integrate Donatio with Classy

Learn to connect classy with your Donatio Application



Get your Classy Application connected with Donatio


1.   Click on Classy Integration.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 3-1

2.   Fill out the required information and click on connect and skip to step 11, If you are not sure where to get this information continue this setup guide.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 3-2

3.   Go to the main Classy Page and click on the Login button to get started.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 11.52.16 AM

4.   You will be redirected to Classy Login if you are not already logged In
Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 11.54.36 AM

5.   Next, click on manage under My Organizations
Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 11

6.   Next, Click on Apps & Extension and then Classy API
Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 12

7.   Create a new application. Give the application a name and a redirect Url of your website.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 3.28.18 PM

8.   Once the application is created, Copy the Client Id and Client Secret

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 3

9.   On the first screen (Classy Dashboard), you’ll see the Organization ID at the end of the URL. This will be a numeric value found after "/admin" as can be seen in the screenshot below.


10.  After putting the required information, click connect
Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 3.45.48 PM

11.  On Integration Page, click on Classy to see the status of sync, you can toggle the Sync turn it on or off.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 4